Introduction to Our Environment Friendly Electric Hybrid Motor (BLDC)

BLDC motors can potentially be deployed in any area currently fulfilled by brushed DC motors. Cost and control complexity prevents BLDC motors from replacing brushed motors in most common areas of use.

Nevertheless, BLDC motors have come to dominate many applications: Consumer devices such as computer hard drives, CD/DVD players, and PC cooling fans use BLDC motors almost exclusively. Low speed, low power brushless DC motors are used in direct-drive turntables. High power BLDC motors are found in electric vehicles and some industrial machinery. These motors are essentially AC synchronous motors with permanent magnet rotors.

Electric hybrid vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic cars, use BLDC motors as an alternative to their internal combustion engine, when only lower power is needed. It is also used to start the engine versus a conventional starter and solenoid method. Electric bicycles WILL self-recharge while riding.

Electric Bicycles General Specifications:

  • Travel Distance : 40 to 55 km
  • Lithium Polymer Battery : up to 35 km (super light weight)
  • Top Speed : 25km/hour
  • Charge Time : 4 hours
  • Signal lights
  • Uses brake shoe
  • Headlight and tail light
  • Sensitive alarm (will sound if touched when bike is locked)

All our electric bicycles are LTA approved and come with 1 year warranty for ECU and Motor.

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